The Ordinary Moments ’16 #4 | Sick Bugs & Bubble Baths

Tuesday’s are a long day for us. My Mum kindly watches Bella for me while I go to work but she lives a 40 minute drive away so we’re out of the house by 8am so I can get to work for 9.30. I then finish at 5 and by the time I have collected her and got home it’s normally almost 7pm and I pretty much come in, make Bella some milk and put her straight to bed.

Last Tuesday was no exception. Oh, apart from the fact that the moment I collapsed onto the sofa, Bella woke up crying. Josh went up to settle her but she seemed very distressed and was clutching her tummy and arching her back in pain. We brought her downstairs so she could calm down and to try and get her to drink some water but within minutes she had fallen asleep again in my arms. Although not for long, she soon woke up and promptly covered us both in vomit. Que mad rushing to remove sick covered clothes and get us both cleaned up.

We ran Bella a bath but when it came to getting in she was very hesitant, she was shaking as she sobbed and looked so vulnerable, it was heartbreaking. I asked her is she’d like Mummy to join her and she nodded. So we shared a warm bubble bath together and she sat between my legs as I washed her crazy curly hair and I could instantly feel her start to relax. It was so lovely having her close, and letting me wash her as normally she insists on doing it herself.

Recently she has become so independent and I feel like she looks more grown up every single day. But she definitely still needs her Mama, especially when she’s poorly.

One of the things I wish I’d done more with Bella when she was smaller was share a bath with her. I think I only actually did it once or maybe twice. I remember hearing lots of other Mums saying what a lovely bonding experience it is but I think I was so caught up with hating my post baby body to even consider having a bath, let alone with my new baby. When I think about that now, it makes me really sad and If we are lucky enough to have another baby some day, I definitely won’t let my own insecurities stop me from doing something lovely with my baby.

Sick bugs are ordinary but sharing bubble baths with your little girl when she needs you most, they are special.

*** Please note – These smiley photos are from Sunday evenings bath time, not Tuesday’s ;)***

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  • mummydaddyme

    Such a lovely post and I bet you will treasure the moment of sharing a bath with her when she was vulnerable and needed her Mama. I love having a bath with my two, I still do it now, although not that often really. Bath time is their favourite! x

    January 26, 2016 at 8:38 pm Reply
    • Harriet Lee

      I definitely will. It’s something i’m going to try and do more often with her. xo

      January 28, 2016 at 4:32 pm Reply

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