Three Ways To Give Your Home A Refresh On A Budget

Most people think that the only way to make their home look expensive is to completely rip everything out and start again. However, I strongly disagree! There are SO MANY cheaper ways to give your home a little refresh and give a tired room a whole new look.

When we first bought our home we did a lot of renovations downstairs mainly to change the lay out. We are now making plans to give our upstairs a little freshen up. So I thought I would share a few tricks that I am planning to do to help make my home look chic but still on a budget!

Clean and declutter
It would seem that all those Instagram perfect homes we see online are always clean and tidy. Now I personally like to keep a clean tidy house but with working, two children, a husband and a dog, it’s not always easy! My method is ‘little and often’ so I try to do a couple of bits most days and I find that helps me to keep on top of it better. It also seems less overwhelming that doing one huge clean once a week.

Although I always find as the seasons change, it gives me the urge to do a bigger more thorough clean and declutter. Especially in the Spring. I love whacking all the windows open, putting a good upbeat playlist on and getting to work! This usually involves dusting all surfaces, hoovering behind furniture and generally getting into all those places that don’t get cleaned throughout the rest of the year. This list shares some fab spring cleaning tips and some more advice on how to carry out an effective spring clean. Whilst Spring is the most popular season for this clean, you can do it at any time during the year. I like to do a big one before Christmas too so everything is all fresh ready for putting up the decorations!

Decluttering is also number one on my list at the moment! Our house has three bedrooms but I feel like we’re kind of bursting at the seams at the moment. I am planning to go through every room, cupboard and drawer and get rid of excess things that we don’t want/need/use anymore that are just cluttering the place up. I will probably start with old toys, unread books, baby bits we no longer need and then lastly clothes the kids have outgrown or we don’t wear anymore. Any bigger bits I try to sell and I always try to donate the other items where I can. We are also planning to up our storage upstairs to keep things a bit more organised too!

Add a fresh lick of paint
My favourite way to freshen things up is of course by adding a new coat of paint! This can immediately make your home look more lavish I think.

I am a big fan of Neutral colours as they are always a safe bet and go with any furniture scheme. White in particular matches any type of room and any type of property and I find it helps reflect light. Although as I get older I do find myself getting a bit braver with colours too. We have a navy wall in our living room that I love. For our bedroom we’re planning to paint the whole room a dark green which I am very excited about!

Spruce up with flowers
Anyone that knows me, will have probably noticed that I ALWAYS have fresh flowers in my home. Usually on the dining table! I’m no expert in flower arranging, but I loving giving it a go! I think fresh blooms add a little touch of luxury too without having to cost the earth too. Flowers are also great for cheering up your home and will physically bring a sense of life to each room.

I like to use colourful flowers that contrast the colour schemes of each room. I often will go for yellow roses, daffodils or sunflowers for the dining room table to co ordinate with the yellow chairs we have in there. I also love using pink or white flowers in the living room as they look so lovely against the dark navy wall in there.

*Collaborative Post but all opinions are of course my own*


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