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March 10, 2016

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    Bella at Two Years & Four Months

    I had every intention of writing a little update on Bella around her Second birthday back in November but then the madness of Christmas got in the way and I never got around to it. So here it is, just a mere 3 months late. But better late than never, hey?

    I’m sure I have mentioned before that Bella is a feisty little madam. The girl knows exactly what she wants and sometimes there is just no telling her otherwise. She gets this from her Daddy, who has the most incredible drive in life and I know she’ll follow in his footsteps. Although sometimes it can be very frustrating when she’s throwing an almighty tantrum in the middle of Sainsbury’s because I won’t let her have something she’s spotted (normally a kinder egg) but I try to just remind myself that determination is a good trait to have… whilst I make a quick dash to the checkouts with a whinging toddler in tow 😉

    Bella At Two Years & Four Months

    The sassiest little girl ever but also the kindest, I only have to sneeze and she’s asking me if I’m okay. It melts my heart every time. She is curious, smart & has the best imagination. She loves to play with her dolls house, dress up & cook in her play kitchen. Nothing makes our girl happier than a trip to the swings, she asks to go almost every.single.day. She absolutely adores her cousins. Has a mild obsession with Egg Surprises, whether that is watching those god awful videos on YouTube or getting her own kinder egg to open. Bella really enjoys going swimming, her two days a week at Nursery & her Friday morning Ballet class. Play Doh keeps her entertained for ages. Her best friend is definitely our dog, Ruby, although I’m not always sure the feeling is mutual. Recently found a new love for cuddles. Loves baking with Mama at the weekends. Her favourite film is definitely Frozen, Elsa & Anna are her heroes I’m sure. She loves to read books and do puzzles. She’s a chocolate fiend just like her Mama. Her favourite foods are pancakes, cheese and tomato sandwiches, fruit, pasta bolognese & chicken and spinach risotto. Always counting to 10. Happiest when exploring outdoors or dancing around the house like a crazy lunatic. Loves collecting the eggs from our chickens with Daddy. Forever singing along in the car, but hates it with a passion if Mama tries to join in too.
    But most importantly of course, she is loved beyond measure and we wouldn’t change a single thing!


    I’ll probably do Bella’s next update around her third birthday in November.
    *Sob* This Mama is totally not okay that her baby will be turning three this year… Maybe it’s time for another one 😉

    Thanks for reading
    Harriet xo