30 Weeks Pregnant {Baby Number Two}

I always feel like 30 weeks is such a milestone! Less than 10 weeks to go now until my due date. It’s all starting to feel very real now and I just know these last few weeks are going to just fly by! Here’s all about how I’ve been getting on at 30 weeks pregnant with baby number two. 


30 Weeks & 4 days!


14th June 2017 




At week 30 baby boy weighs around 2.9lb and is about the same as a cabbage! He is around 15.7 inches long. Apparently if I was to shine a torch or a bright light at my bump, I may even feel baby respond by turning his head! 

I haven’t had any more antenatal appointments since my last update. I’m next booked in to see my midwife at the end of the month! 


I finally stepped on the sad step and I’ve officially gained two whole stone!


Luckily both my leg cramps and acid reflux has settled down a bit lately! I’m getting more and more aware now that I should probably try to slow down a bit. I’m getting out of breath more frequently now and if I over do it I’m left with really achey hips and a very sore lower back! 


So.much.movement!! He is getting so strong now and sometimes it feels like he may break free out of my belly button at any point haha! I love feeling his movements though so I can’t complain. Although if he could stop waking me multiple times a night with his gymnastics that would be fab 😉


I’m actually really surprised that I don’t appear to have any new stretch marks at this point! I remember in my first pregnancy having all these dark purple lines appear. But this time it still just looks like I only have my existing ones that are much more faded. I am still using my secret saviours band most days still and smothering myself in body butter after showering. Fingers crossed for these last few weeks. 


Sleep has been a bit all over the place lately. I’ve had a very stressful few weeks and therefore have spent hours most nights wide awake worrying about things. Although this isn’t necessarily pregnancy related. Bella was also unwell last week with a super high temperature so ended up in bed with me a couple of times. Safe to say I didn’t sleep very well on those nights! 


Ice cream! Specifically mint chocolate chip. But can I get my hands on any?! No I bloody can’t! Although as I type this, I’m waiting for my food shop to be delivered which may or may not contain multiple mint chocolate items 😉 


Tired. Achey. Heavily pregnant. But oh so excited to meet this little one! 


My pre pregnancy wardrobe!! I am really beginning to miss wearing my favourite jeans and my dungarees especially!


I am officially happiest in my maternity leggings now. They are probably the only thing I am actually comfortable in at this point. Also been loving shirts (as always!) I picked up a gorgeous pink striped one from H&M last week in a couple of sizes up and it fits the bump for now but will also be perfect post baby! 

I organised my wardrobe this week as I was getting fed up of not being able to find anything that actually still fitted. I sorted it into three sections. Bump friendly, post baby/ breastfeeding friendly and not a chance for a good six months 😉 


I’m feeling a bit smug and super organised as last night we ordered the last couple of bits off of our baby ‘to buy’ list! Babies car seat and my change bag arrived this week and I’m now just waiting on a few more bits to be delivered and then I think we are finished! Although I’m sure once I start washing baby clothes and sorting everything out there may be some bits I have forgotten. 

I’m also loving the beautiful sunshine we’ve been having lately. My pregnant feet are so happy to be in sandals! 


Spending the rest of the week with my Bella Boo! We have some lovely plans for the beginning of the week and then Josh will be off for five days over the Easter weekend too. Hoping for lots of family fun in the sunshine! 

Harriet XO


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