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    Hugo At Four Months

    Its been four months (almost five by the time I have finally got round to publishing this post despite starting it weeks ago) since our Hugo Bear joined us and despite the fact it is flying by much quicker than I’d like, I am loving every second. He really is such a happy baby most of the time. And he brings so much joy to all of our lives. He is so loved by everyone!

    Weight – I still haven’t had him weighed. Oops. Although I have absolutely no concerns, he’s huge!!

    Size – Just about still fitting into his size 3 nappies, although I doubt it’ll be longer before he needs the next size. He is filling his 3-6 month clothes nicely but I’m already worrying he’s not going to be in them for much longer. His little feet already seem to be running out of room in his sleep suits. And all his dungarees seem to be getting short on the legs!!

    Feeding – Hugo is still breastfeeding like a champ! No luck with the bottles still. I even resorted to buying some formula as it was breaking my heart keep tipping expressed milk down the drain but of course he hated that too!

    Routine – Poor Hugo has had two back to back colds which definitely through us off a bit. His evening routine is still very much the same. I have also finally started to implement a bit of a day time nap routine. He normally falls asleep in the car on the nursery run so probably gets about 30 minutes in the morning at about 9-9.30am. I have been trying to put him down straight after lunch on the days we are at home and so far it’s going quite well. He will generally sleep for about 1.5-2 hours.

    Sleeping – Thanks to his colds, he hasn’t been sleeping as well at night sadly. We had about 10 days of him waking every 30 minutes or so and it was horrific!! Thankfully he seems to be getting back into his normal routine of waking just twice. Which I can handle just fine!

    Development – Lots of smiles, giggles and squawking. He properly babbles away to us now and it’s just the cutest thing ever!! He’s really starting to take an interest in toys now, especially the ones that hang off his playmat. Is yet to roll over but I don’t think it’ll be too long until he does! I forgot how much I love this age.

    I’m also pretty sure the dreaded teething has begun. My poor poppet is chomping away on anything and everything. He is super dribbley too.

    Likes & Dislikes – Absolutely adores his big sister, especially pulling her hair! I really love watching them together. They are already the best of friends. Hugo also enjoys sitting up in his bumbo at meal times and watching us eat. He loves laying on his play mat kicking about. Long walks when he’s all cosy in his pushchair. He still loves being carried in the baby carrier too. Dislikes bottles with a passion. Sigh.

    What we’ve been up to – Lots of autumn walks over the last month or so. We’ve been trying to take it a little slower at the weekends when we can which we have all been really enjoying.

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    Love To Dream Swaddle Up Review

    When Bella was a baby I never did master the art of swaddling. I gave it a go a couple of times but she always managed to bust her way out pretty quickly! It’s one of those things that some parents absolutely swear by and are adamant it helps their baby to settle/sleep well. So of course I was keen to give it another go with our next baby. I made sure we had lots of extra large muslins and breathable blankets ready and waiting for our little boy bundle. Although I never did get around to using them! Instead we used the amazing Swaddle Up from Love To Dream. It is described as a modern twist on traditional swaddling.

    We soon realised that Hugo’s favourite way to sleep was with his arms up above his head. So the Swaddle Up suited him perfectly. We used it every night for the first few weeks and Hugo slept like a dream in it! Back in June when he was born it was also right in the middle of a bloody heat wave. It was SCORCHING. And I was really unsure what to dress my new baby in for bedtime. It was just far too hot for lots of layers and blankets. But I was also worried that he might get chilly as the night went on and the temperature cooled down. In the end we opted to dress him in a short sleeved vest or even just his nappy and then into his Swaddle Up and this seemed to keep him at the perfect temperature!



    One of my favourite features would have to be the two–way zip. This meant I could change Hugo’s nappy during the night if needed without the need to remove the whole thing and risk disturbing him. It also has an in–built harness hole at the back so if you wanted to use it when baby is in their car seat you can do so also!

    What Love To Dream say ‘The clingy fabric provides the cosy, swaddled feeling that babies love, while the shape maintains baby’s natural and preferred “arms up” sleeping position. The Swaddle UP has the unique “wings” design helping babies to self-sooth, they can safely suck their hands through the fabric of the Swaddle UP and won’t accidentally scratch their face. The fabric is a single layer of breathable natural cotton which aids temperature regulation and control.’



    This product is genius and I’ve already recommended it to so many friends that are expecting. It was definitely one of my favourite newborn products and I’m so sad that Hugo has now outgrown his. I snapped these photos of him a while back and I can’t believe how small he looks!!

    The Swaddle Up is available in four sizes; small, medium, large and extra large. You have the choice of four different colours too; white, grey, pink or blue. Prices start from £22.99 and it’s available to purchase from Cheeky Rascals here.



    Are you a fan of swaddling?
    Harriet XO

    *I was very kindly sent the product mentioned in this post in exchange for an honest review. Although all opinions are of course my own*

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    Hugo At Three Months

    Three whole months old already! A quarter of a year has already passed us by in the blink of an eye. Hugo is officially no longer a newborn but a fully fledged infant. I reaaaallly wish he’d slow down a bit! 

    Weight – I have no idea as I haven’t had him weighed recently! But he’s a chunky thing that’s for sure! 

    Size – Still in size 3 nappies. Officially in all his 3-6 month clothes now. I put it off for ages when really he probably would have fit in them a couple of weeks back, but I was avoiding having to pack away all the newborn bits! But I have finally done it. All the newborn and upto 1 month clothes are all packed away in boxes ready to be passed onto somebody else. I do feel really sad about it this time, knowing it’s the last time and I’ll never be washing tiny newborn sleep suits again! 

    I am however enjoying putting Hugo in more outfits now. I picked up lots of cute leggings and soft dungarees in the sales when I was pregnant so it’s been fun seeing him wearing those bits.

    Feeding – Hugo is still exclusively breastfed. He feeds every 3-4 hours when we’re out and about but usually feeds more often if we are just at home. Despite taking a bottle of expressed milk okay the first time, he’s not been so keen since! We are trying some MAM bottles this week to see if he prefers those maybe. 

    Routine – I am still yet to implement a proper day time routine but his evening routine is still the same as last month and he’s pretty much always asleep by 7.30-8. I am finding he’s awake a lot more during the day now and he seems to prefer short cat naps rather than taking proper naps. So I really do need to figure out a nap schedule.  

    Sleeping – On a whole, he is still a pretty good sleeper. But I have noticed he wakes for his first feed at about 1.30am now and then wakes again around 4.30ish too. There has been a few nights where he’s woken up to 4 times which is a bit of a shock to the system for me! 

    Development – The cooing is in full force now and it’s so bloody cute!! He’s super smily and has been doing a few little giggles and squawks which I have been loving. Hugo had his first set of immunisations when he was 9 weeks old and he was such a champ!! A bit more unsettled that normal for the first 24 hours but that was it! 

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo is fascinated by the TV and is forever cooing away at it if Bella is watching a film or something. He is a complete Mama’s boy (which I secretly love!) but he’s also a big fan of his big sissy too. Still adores bathtime. Hates tummy time with a passion. 

    What we’ve been up to – It’s been another busy month. We spent a few days in Norfolk visiting Josh’s grandparents which was lovely. Hugo attended his first party and spent most of it asleep in his carrycot behind the sofa! We also went Sunflower picking, to the beach, for a day at knockhatch & celebrated some family birthdays. 

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    Newborn Favourites

    When it comes to baby products there are so many out there now it’s hard to figure out which items are worth all the hype and which ones really aren’t. Back when I had Bella there were a few bits that I was adamant we needed but in reality they ended up still in their box, gathering dust in the corner of the nursery!

    When I found out I was expecting Hugo there were a few items I was keen to try and most of which have become my absolute newborn saviours! So I thought I would share a few of my favourite things that we’ve been loving second time around.

    First up is Muslins. The one piece of advice I always give to expectant parents is ‘you can never have enough muslins’! These are something I use all day, every day. I never leave the house without a minimum of two in my bag! My absolute favourite ones are these by Summer Infant. They are absolutely HUGE. Which makes them so versatile. They are perfect for swaddling baby and using as a lightweight blanket. My favourite uses are draping over the car seat when it’s raining and as a nursing cover. They are my number one breastfeeding essential! I also adore the unisex design on these ones too.

    A close second would have to be the Sleepyhead. When I was pregnant it seemed that everyone had a sleepyhead for their little ones. And of course I felt like this meant I MUST need one too. And it turns out that I really did. This is a product that is definitely worth all they hype. Hugo sleeps amazingly in his and has done since day one. I’ll be doing a full review on it soon as we love it so much.

    Another sleep related product that I have been really impressed with is this Good Vibes vibrating cot wedge also by Summer Infant. During the first couple of weeks Hugo really suffered with wind and being able to prop him up a little using the wedge was really helpful. The gentle vibrations also helped to settle him off to sleep too. If he is ever fractious during the day then I pop him down in his cot with the wedge on and within seconds he usually will stop crying and often nods straight off!

    Hugo is definitely a bit of a Mama’s boy and he is always happiest when snuggled up close to me. As much as I would love to sit and snuggle him all day long I do have to get on sometimes and I have found babywearing the perfect solution. We have a couple of different baby carriers but I mostly find myself reaching for our Hana Baby wrap. Again, I now never leave home without a carrier just in case he starts fussing when we’re out and about.

    Something I had no experience with whatsoever from last time was cradle cap. Bella never suffered with it so when I noticed Hugo had it, I wasn’t sure what products were best to use to help clear it up. Someone told me to use olive oil but after speaking to my health visitor apparently this is no longer recommended. Instead I discovered Nom Nom’s baby oil which is designed for using for both baby massage and cradle cap. I would massage the oil into Hugo’s scalp after his bath and it has honestly worked wonders. The cradle cap has now pretty much all cleared up!

    Last but not least is Water Wipes. I never used them last time, I stuck to the recommended cotton wool and warm water which I always found such a faff. This time however, we opted to use water wipes instead. We have used them on Hugo from day one and he has never had any sort of nappy rash. They are all natural and super gentle on your babies bottom. They are much more pricey than normal baby wipes so I always make sure to stock up when I see them on offer somewhere!

    There are so many other products I could rave about but these are definitely my top six! I’ll be sharing a few more indepth reviews over the coming weeks of some other things we have been loving too. So keep an eye out for those!

    What are your newborn essentials? 

    Harriet XO

    *This is a collaborative post, although as always, all opinions are my own*

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    Hugo At Two Months

    This second month has flown by even faster than the first! I really feel like I’m starting to find my groove as a Mama of two now and things are starting to fall into more of a routine. Here’s how Hugo is getting on at Two Months old.

    Weight – I last had Hugo weighed at about 7 weeks with the health visitor at home and he was 12lbs 15oz! He is currently following the 91st centile for weight. He’s feels so heavy already, how I’ll lug him about in a few months I don’t know!

    Size – Last week I switched Hugo into size 3 nappies as I kept finding that the size 2 ones were leaking. The newborn clothes are now left redundant in a drawer as our chunky boy has outgrown them all. I can’t bring myself to pack them all away again just yet. I feel like they have only been out five minutes! As Hugo is our last baby I will probably just pass them all straight on to someone else. At the moment he is wearing all 0-3 but he is already filling his sleepsuits! He is HUGE. So I really need to start thinking about digging out the 3-6 month bits we have already, so I know what else I need to buy!

    Feeding – I am still exclusively breastfeeding. I also used my electric breast pump a couple of weeks back for the first time and was stunned that I managed to pump a whole 5oz bottle in less than 10 minutes. Hugo’s Auntie Char gave him his first bottle and he straight away guzzled a couple of ozs with no fuss. Later that evening Josh fed him the rest! I think maybe I will pump a bottle or two a week purely so that Josh and Bella get the chance to give it to him. And to help Hugo get used to drinking from a bottle too.

    Routine – Things are still fairly laid back during the day but we do now have an evening routine in place (albeit pretty basic!)

    When Bella is getting her pyjamas on, we will get Hugo ready for bed too. This is usually about 6.45pm. I change his nappy and sleepsuit then pop him into his sleeping bag. Josh then reads Bella her bedtime story while I go into our room and feed Hugo. I shut the curtains and turn off all the lights so it’s quiet and calm. I will then breastfeed him for anything up to 30 minutes – this is definitely his longest feed of the day! Once he is finished I burp him and put him into his sleepyhead in his bedside crib. He is normally asleep by 8ish.

    Sleeping – Once he is asleep for the night he will normally wake for a feed between 3.30 – 4am. Then go back down until about 6.30am which is when Josh is usually getting up for work and Bella comes into our bed for a cuddle. I then quickly feed him again and try to get him back to sleep while we all get ready for the day!

    Development – Hugo is still dishing out ALL the smiles. His whole face lights up when he smiles and it literally melts my heart. He has also started doing the odd bit of cooing too which is adorable. This boy is desperately trying to find his thumb to suck too. He spends most of his time sucking his fists and I am sure he will his thumb soon. Just like his big sister did! We also had our check up with the Dr this week who was very happy with everything.

    Likes & Dislikes – Hugo is happiest with his Mama or in the baby carrier. He absolutely loves being carried and it’s the best way to sooth him if he’s a bit fractious. Bath time is also much more successful now, Hugo loves kicking his legs and splashing away. Still hates getting out and getting dressed though!

    What we’ve been up to – We have had a pretty busy month! We’ve spent lots of time with both friends and family over the last few weeks. Hugo has had his first trip to the park, we have been fruit picking, for a walk along the beach, visited both Scotney Castle & Sheffield Park. Josh and I also took him out for dinner which he pretty much just slept through and woke up just in time for dessert!

    Harriet XO

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    Baby Names I Loved But Didn’t Use

    Choosing a name for your baby is such a huge decision. I personally always find it one of the most exciting yet daunting tasks you are faced with when preparing for a new baby. Luckily we have somehow managed to settle on names for both of our babies fairly easily and without any major arguments!! And surprisingly early on too. I think we must just have fairly similar tastes in names although there were definitely a few names I suggested that Josh wouldn’t even consider! I know not everyone finds it so easy though and some babies remain nameless for weeks.

    With Bella’s name I think I suggested it and Josh just said ‘Yep that’s the one’ and that was that! We had always planned to use my middle name too so the whole process was very easy. This time around, it was actually Josh who came up with Hugo’s name. I have to admit that at first I wasn’t particularly keen on it (pretty sure my sister still isn’t a fan!). But it has definitely grown on me over the last few months. I now absolutely adore it and it really does suit him!

    I know some people keep the babies name to themselves until they arrive, but both times we have always told our close family and friends as soon as we had settled on it. It definitely helped Bella to bond with her new brother before he’d even arrived by knowing what his name was going to be.

    I always love hearing what other people call their children too, it’s usually the first question I ask when I hear of new baby news. As Hugo is probably definitely going to be our last baby, I thought I’d share the other contenders we had on our list when choosing our babies names!

    This is probably my favourite of all of these names. It was one we considered when we were expecting Bella but Josh didn’t love it as much as me. Although I think if baby number two had been a girl, I’m pretty sure they would have been a Harper. 

    I have visited Florence in Italy and it’s so beautiful. And I just think it makes such a pretty little girls name. It can be shorted to either Flo or Florrie which I love.

    This name appears in my family tree A LOT. It was a definite strong contender when we were choosing Bella’s name. We decided against it in the end as my sister and two of our nieces all have names beginning with E and we felt it may become a bit confusing!

    I love the name Delilah and this its so pretty but Josh sadly just isn’t a fan.

    We definitely found choosing a boys name much more difficult. Rory was on our shortlist as we both really liked it. I think it’s a great name for a baby/child but also a strong name for an adult too.

    This is one of my all time favourite boys names! But no matter what I tried I just could not make Josh love it. My good friend Georgina ended up using Maximilian though for her baby boy which I LOVE.

    I have always adored the name Rupert and I think Roo is such a sweet nickname too. Josh then pointed out that our dog is called Ruby and we call her Roo which made me rethink that one!


    Are there any baby names that you love but didn’t or wouldn’t ever use?

    Harriet XO