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    A Little Lounge Refresh With Desenio*

    Since I share my original lounge makeover post, I’ve been tweaking the odd thing here and there but I think I am FINALLY happy with this room. Earlier this year we were able to replace the carpet which has completely transformed this space. We also finished up cycling the sideboard that sits underneath the TV which I am very pleased with. We had the paint colour matched to the navy wall and it looks really lovely.

    I always feel like its the way you style a room though which is what really finishes it off. I’m often drawn to very scandi style interiors I find. I just love the simplicity of them and the way they pair lots of monochrome with pops of colour, bold prints and plenty of greenery. The main space I wasn’t happy with in this room was the piece of wall above our corner sofa. It just seemed a bit bare. As we had two large prints on the navy wall and a mirror above the fireplace, I wanted to do something different there.

    We toyed with the idea of a little gallery wall but decided we’d probably do that in the dining room instead and use some family photos. I was really keen for some wooden shelves to put prints and plants on but Josh wasn’t really on board. So in the end we settled on some oak picture ledges with some new prints from Desenio on.

    I absolutely LOVE how the prints I chose look together and think the oak ties in with the rest of the room perfectly. It’s given the whole room a little refresh and I’m so pleased with this corner now, it’s probably one of my favourite spaces in the whole house! I’m already trying to figure out where I can put more of the beautiful oak ledges. I’m excited to be able to switch the prints about easily too without making extra holes in the wall. I think Josh is also very pleased about that part!

    From Left to Right, these are the prints I chose.

    ‘Lune’ in an Oak Frame

    ‘New York Map’ in a Black Metal Frame

    ‘Be Kind Pink’ in a Black Metal Frame

    ‘Cotton Plant Blue’ in an Oak Frame

    My code “MRSLEE” gives 25% off prints* on all Desenio sites until midnight 17 October. Follow @desenio for more inspiration!
    *Except for frames and handpicked/personalised prints.

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    Glamping at Highermoor Farm, Dorset

    As promised I thought I’d write a post all about our recent stay at Highermoor Farm in Weymouth, Dorset. We camped here once before back in 2015 I think it was when Bella was about one and a half. It was our first experience of camping with a child in tow and we had the best time! Josh and I both always said how we would love to go back. So when I won their competition on Instagram for 3 nights in one of their beautiful Bell Tents, I was suuuuper excited to head back with both kiddos.

    The weather forecast before we left wasn’t look great so I made sure we packed for all eventualities. Our drive down ended up taking much longer than anticipated so when we arrived we were ravenous. We headed straight to Fanny Annie’s which was on site at Highermoor on the Friday night and had the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever eaten! The homemade coleslaw was also delish.

    We then settled into our lovely bell tent for the night just before the rain started. There was something very tranquil about laying in bed listening to the rain hit the tent. It was pretty windy too but we were so cosy and the tent felt very secure!

    Our Bell Tent was one of three, and slept four. With a proper double bed and two singles. We took our travel cot along for Hugo and there was plenty of room for that too. It was super spacious and very comfortable for us as a family of four. There were little coffee tables and a gorgeous trunk at the end of our bed which was great for storing our stuff in. There was electric inside our tent too which made it super convenient to charge our phones too. Outside there was a picnic bench which was perfect for eating at or drinking gin at once the kiddies were asleep!

    Highermoor Farm is hands down the nicest and cleanest campsite we’ve ever visited. The toilets are always spotless and they have a family shower room which makes life so much easier. There’s an on-site farm shop which stocks lots of local goodies including fresh baked good daily and fresh coffee. The staff go above and beyond, nothing is ever too much trouble. Laura and Daniel are both lovely and so welcoming. They also have a wonderful park for the kids and are dog friendly too!

    During the summer months they open their vintage marquee which often has live music on over the weekends and serves local ales and ciders! It has a wonderful atmosphere. As well as Fanny Annie’s on our first night, we then had amazing pizzas from Dorset Wood-fired Pizzas on our second night and then on our last night Lizzie Baking Bird was there with an array of baked goods which we of course had to sample too!

    We visited the sea life centre in Weymouth on our first day and then explored the seafront on our second day when the sun was shining. The kids loved the rides and arcades and we even enjoyed a quiet lunch with Bella as Hugo fell asleep in his buggy!

    Overall we had the best time and I would 100% recommend Glamping at Highermoor Farm to anyone. You can also camp or take a caravan/motor home. Or if you prefer a bit more of a home from home they have these amazing pods too! We’ll definitely be heading back next Summer I’m sure as we all loved our stay so much.

    *I haven’t been asked to share this post as our stay was a competition win but I wanted to share as it really is such a lovely place to visit!*

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    Life Skills I Want To Teach My Children

    In life, Josh and I seem to like to undertake as many tasks as we possibly can. Usually all at once too. Whether it be tackling the garden or hanging a shelf. We’re ALWAYS doing something. But I honestly believe that by having the life skills to do these tasks ourselves, it saves us a hell of a lot of money in the long run.

    Which got me thinking about what life lessons I want to ensure that our children both have to help them out later in life. Taking in an array of life skills can go a long way, especially in this incredibly fast paced world we live in these days.

    I suppose a life skill that is pretty crucial for almost anybody nowadays is some basic computer skills. You even sign in at my local doctors via a touch screen tablet now! I reckon that most people are more than happy to know what they need to in regards to computers, but knowing more than you need to can really save you a fortune. I’m super lucky that Josh is a total whizz with this kind of thing and can usually resolve any issues I have.

    So it’s definitely worth getting clued up. You never know, once your confidence with computers has climbed, you may even take to building your next PC like Josh has done a few times! He says it is actually super straightforward, and you can get a much better spec piece of kit for a fraction of the price!

    The most important life skill in my opinion, would have to be good kitchen skills. It totally blows my mind when a grown adult tells me they can’t cook. I’m fairly confident in the kitchen and believe that if you can follow a basic recipe then you can definitely cook! Kitchen skills are something that actually really aren’t that difficult to master. And practice makes perfect after all!

    Bella loves helping out in the kitchen and is already fairly confident with chopping and preparing food. I’m hoping by the time both my babies leave home and start their own families they’ll have a whole host of meals they can confidently cook. I want them to know how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, how to host a family dinner party on a Sunday, how to make tasty fried chicken and even how to bake cakes too!

    Josh would probably say that some basic DIY skills are an absolute must. Just things like how to rewire a plug, fix a leaking tap, put up some shelves etc. As if you’re calling in the help of a professional every five minutes for these kind of things that it can become very costly over the space of a year. And if in doubt, YouTube is your friend! I remember Josh watching so many DIY videos whilst we did our kitchen renovations! Even for things like ripping down and building walls.

    And last but by no means least. Is some basic first aid skills. This one is essential but it seems to have fallen by the wayside for a lot of people. Having this very simple skill can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or somebody else.

    Basic first aid is something that used to be taught in schools but now is barely touched upon. Although with the power of technology, we can even accomplish basic first aid knowledge free of charge on the internet thanks to good ol’ Google!

    So there we have just a few of the life skills that I really hope I can teach my children as not only can they help you out probably every day but they will also save you a penny or two!

    *Collaborative Post but all opinions are of course my own*

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    Our Bedroom Makeover Ft Simba*

    *Advertorial – This post contains an affiliate link*

    When we first bought our house almost two years ago, we prioritised renovating the downstairs first. The bedrooms were totally liveable, just not to our taste. Eventually the time came to start decorating upstairs and we made sure the children’s bedrooms were done first and left us until last. But we have FINALLY done it and I am so pleased with how it turned out. Our bedroom is the middle sized room and at the back of the house. We went for a dark forest green on the walls in the end which I am totally obsessed with. We then accessorised with some neutral bits we already had and bought a new black mirror and some hooks too. 

    We’ve kept most of our furniture from before apart from our bedside tables which are a new purchase. I really wanted this room to be a minimalist and calm space we could relax in. I’m one of those people who finds that my home really affects my mood. So for ages I felt like our bedroom wasn’t somewhere I wanted to spend much time in. 

    Since we’ve decorated it, I am loving spending more time in there. I’ll often go and light a candle and read my book in there of an evening and it’s just such a tranquil adult space now. 

    The one thing we were DESPERATELY in need of replacing was our mattress. We’d had our old one for almost 7 years I think and it was totally knackered. Most of the springs had gone and neither of us slept very well on it at all. We are now the proud owners of a Simba Hybrid mattress and OH WOW, it is a total game changer. My sister in law got one last year and raved about it and she was not kidding. Josh and I both agreed they we have never slept on a more comfortable mattress! 

    I fall asleep pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow and wake up feeling so much more well rested. It does make getting up in the mornings that bit harder though, as it’s just too comfy! Obviously being comfortable is probably the main objective when it comes to mattress but the other thing I have been super impressed with, is the fact that Josh and I no longer disturb each other if we move around a lot. I used to wake up constantly if there was any movement in the bed but he can roll about as much as he pleases and I don’t even notice when he gets up for work at the crack of dawn either! 

    I’ve also found that my body temperature when I’m sleeping is much more consistent too. I’m no longer boiling hot one minute and then freezing shortly after. Which inevitably all contributes to getting a better nights sleep. 

    Simba have very kindly given me a discount code so you can get a whopping £75 off your first Simba Hybrid Mattress too by following this link here

    *Simba very kindly gifted me our mattress but all words and opinions are of course my own*

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    June Favourites

    When I first started blogging, one of my favourite posts to both read and write, were monthly favourites posts. But somewhere along the way I stopped writing them. So I thought I would try and bring them back as and when I feel like I have some things to share. I’ll probably try to keep it to 5-8 things each month and they’ll probably include a bit of everything. So here is what I have been loving in June!

    An Edited Life by Anna Newton
    My wonderful Sister In Law bought me this book as a gift shortly after my Dad died as she had read it and really enjoyed it. I put it away until I was feeling in a better head space. When we went to Cornwall I popped this book in my bag in the hope I would be able to make a start on it. Well once I started reading, I literally couldn’t put it down. I devoured half of it while away and came back feeling so motivated to get my shit together!! I have since finished it and started putting Anna’s tips into action. It gave me the push I needed to get more organised and I have already referred back to it numerous time! I’d definitely recommend it if you are looking to streamline your life.

    Three Tier Cakes from Jane’s Patisserie
    I made THREE of these amazing three tier cakes from Jane’s blog during June. Starting with a Biscoff one for my bestie, a dairy free victoria sponge for my niece and lastly a chocolate fudge cake for Hugo’s second birthday. They are surprisingly easy to made but look super impressive. And of course they taste bloody delicious. Definitely my new fave way of doing big cakes!

    Super Facialist Vitamin C Cleansing Oil
    My friend Charlotte Connoley is a facialist and recommended I tried a cleansing oil for my first cleanse as I was on the hunt for a new one. The one she had told me about had been discontinued so I ended up picking up this one by Super Facialist on a whim in the supermarket as it was on offer. But OH MY, it is so lovely. Feels super luxurious and literally melts my make up away. It leaves my skin feeling amazing and I will definitely be repurchasing.

    Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
    I have been on the hunt for the ‘holy grail’ foundation for years now and I very rarely repurchase a foundation twice. But I picked up a sample of the Double Wear a while back and was very impressed. I have used this before a few years back but always found it a nightmare to get off my skin. So I ended up buying a full sized bottle and a pump and have been really enjoying using it again. It stays put all day and matches my skin tone beautifully. And really that’s all you can ask for!? I wear shade 1C1 Cool Bone.

    Black Aysmmetric Sandals
    This is probably a bit of a boring one but I have been wearing these sandals EVERY DAMN DAY. They are so incredibly comfy and literally go with everything. I have received lots of compliments on them too! They are just £28 and are made from real leather. Definitely a summer staple for me!

    Gousto Meal Boxes
    We recently started using Gousto for four meals a week and we are all loving it. It’s been a great way to get us out of the rutt we had fallen into. I tend to go for the 10 minute meals and it just takes out a lot of stress of meal planning and doing a big food shop. Plus the meals are DELICIOUS.

    Calm App
    I’ve been using the Calm app consistently over the last few weeks before bed and I definitely find it helps me to drift off easier. Bella also loves the children’s sleep stories too. I’d like to try some of the other mindfulness sessions during the day at some point too.

    And last but not least is Netflix. I am suuuuper late to the game with this one but I now don’t know how we ever lived without Netflix. So much so that we’re cancelling our Sky package. So far we have binge watched Queer Eye, Sex Education and have dabbled with a bit of Orange is the new black too. The film selection is also pretty good as is the kids bit!

    And I think that covers most of the things I have been enjoying over the last month or so! I imagine July’s favourites will probably include factor 50 sun cream, fans and cold G&Ts cos OHMYGAAAD it is hot lately!!

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    Holiday Home Dreaming

    A personal dream of mine is to one day own one or two holiday homes. Maybe one in the UK and one abroad. I mean this is a fairly big dream but I just think it would be so lovely to have a home from home that we could use whenever we wanted and then could rent out the rest of the time. I often find myself imagining how I would decorate it and thinking about all the little personal touches I would do to really make it special for the people staying there.

    I think the hardest decision for me would be WHERE to buy a holiday home. There are just so many beautiful places in the world. A little cottage by the sea would be total bliss. A place where you can hear the waves from your bedroom and when you open the window, there’s the unique fresh and salty smell of the water that comes to tickle your nostrils. 

    But I also love the idea of a quirky townhouse or apartment in a city. To be surrounded by the buzz of cabs, buses, and the incessant chatter of voices. Something which is so very different to what we’re used to at home. There would be no need to cook at home with hundreds of restaurants in town. And you’d never get bored; as there is always something to see or to do right on the doorstep!

    Picking the right location is definitely the most important factor for me. For a UK holiday home I think most people are more likely to enjoy a quiet spot of paradise, such as a remote location. As most people would travel by car, there wouldn’t be any issues with transport if you’ve already got your own vehicle with you. However, if I picked a foreign location, I’d be more inclined to go for a condo for sale in town that is served by public transport.

    I think interiors wise I would go for a very minimalist scandi look. As I would want to rent it out when we weren’t using it ourselves, I think keeping personal bits and bobs to a minimum would work best. I would try to create a welcoming and liberating space by using only a few key pieces of furniture. I’d then add lots of different textures with things like cushions, rugs and throws to cosy down with in the evenings. A few nice prints and some faux plants would finish the space off perfectly and give it a more homely feel.

    One of my main priorities would be to ensure it felt like a home from home. I would want my guests to feel welcome from the moment they step inside. A welcome hamper basket can do wonders. An unexpected gift that invites guests to relax. Packing a few essentials for them in a basket like some bits for a nice breakfast and some other little treats on the side will made a huge difference to peoples stay.

    Most people book their stays via a website, and therefore, they rely on the pictures you publish to make their choice. I’d either opt to have my own website or work with a partner such as Airbnb. People book holiday homes to relax. So for me it’s all about finding a place that brings me joy and happiness! I’d hope that if I’ve fallen in love with the place, my guests will too! Hopefully at some point in the next ten years or so maybe I could make my holiday home dreams a reality!!

    *Collaborative Post but all opinions are of course my own*