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Dear Bella, Last Week You Started School!

Dear Bella,

Last week was a big one for us all because you my darling girl, started primary school. We’ve had the 4th of September marked in the diary for months now. And it was the day you had been excitedly counting down to and the one I had been secretly dreading for so long.

It’s not because I wanted to hold you back or even that I wanted to keep you all to myself. It was mainly because I knew just how much I would miss you. And I think there was and still is a part of me that’s so scared that I will lose a part of you now. Five days a week is a lot of time to be away from one another. And I know I’m going to miss out on so much. I can only hope that you’ll be happy to fill me in at the end of your school day. Because i’ll be waiting in the playground Bella boo, ready to hear all about it.

We are now a whole week in and I already know that there really was no need to worry. You walked into school on that very first day (and every day since!) with such confidence. And seeing you so happy and excited meant that I even managed to hold back the tears. Because I knew in that moment, that you were going to be just fine. I no longer felt sad. Instead I was just excited for you and this new adventure that lies ahead.

You are so eager to learn and I’m confident you are going to do amazingly at school little one. You come running towards me at pick up time with your arms open wide, bursting with excitement to tell me all about your day. I know it has only been a week, but you already LOVE everything about school. You even asked if you could go at weekends on our walk home this afternoon! You’re soaking it all in like a little sponge and you come home each day filled with new information that you just can’t wait to share. On Friday you were even given ‘star of the week’ and seeing you clutching that certificate with the widest smile on your face, made me so incredibly proud.

There have been numerous times since you came along and made me a Mama, that I have wondered if I’m actually cut out for motherhood. I have often doubted my abilities as a parent. And I’ve cried so many tears (usually after a particularly difficult day). I have picked myself apart on all the things I felt I should have done better. But I have finally realised, that I think we’ve done just fine. You are healthy, you are happy and my goodness you are so loved Isabella. You’re such a special little girl and I really am very grateful that I get to be your Mama. Even on those difficult days.

Thank you for making this transition into school SO easy my darling girl. You are going to go on to do such wonderful things, I just know it. And I’ll be there with you, every step of the way.

All my love, always.



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