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Hugo At Three Months

Three whole months old already! A quarter of a year has already passed us by in the blink of an eye. Hugo is officially no longer a newborn but a fully fledged infant. I reaaaallly wish he’d slow down a bit! 

Weight – I have no idea as I haven’t had him weighed recently! But he’s a chunky thing that’s for sure! 

Size – Still in size 3 nappies. Officially in all his 3-6 month clothes now. I put it off for ages when really he probably would have fit in them a couple of weeks back, but I was avoiding having to pack away all the newborn bits! But I have finally done it. All the newborn and upto 1 month clothes are all packed away in boxes ready to be passed onto somebody else. I do feel really sad about it this time, knowing it’s the last time and I’ll never be washing tiny newborn sleep suits again! 

I am however enjoying putting Hugo in more outfits now. I picked up lots of cute leggings and soft dungarees in the sales when I was pregnant so it’s been fun seeing him wearing those bits.

Feeding – Hugo is still exclusively breastfed. He feeds every 3-4 hours when we’re out and about but usually feeds more often if we are just at home. Despite taking a bottle of expressed milk okay the first time, he’s not been so keen since! We are trying some MAM bottles this week to see if he prefers those maybe. 

Routine – I am still yet to implement a proper day time routine but his evening routine is still the same as last month and he’s pretty much always asleep by 7.30-8. I am finding he’s awake a lot more during the day now and he seems to prefer short cat naps rather than taking proper naps. So I really do need to figure out a nap schedule.  

Sleeping – On a whole, he is still a pretty good sleeper. But I have noticed he wakes for his first feed at about 1.30am now and then wakes again around 4.30ish too. There has been a few nights where he’s woken up to 4 times which is a bit of a shock to the system for me! 

Development – The cooing is in full force now and it’s so bloody cute!! He’s super smily and has been doing a few little giggles and squawks which I have been loving. Hugo had his first set of immunisations when he was 9 weeks old and he was such a champ!! A bit more unsettled that normal for the first 24 hours but that was it! 

Likes & Dislikes – Hugo is fascinated by the TV and is forever cooing away at it if Bella is watching a film or something. He is a complete Mama’s boy (which I secretly love!) but he’s also a big fan of his big sissy too. Still adores bathtime. Hates tummy time with a passion. 

What we’ve been up to – It’s been another busy month. We spent a few days in Norfolk visiting Josh’s grandparents which was lovely. Hugo attended his first party and spent most of it asleep in his carrycot behind the sofa! We also went Sunflower picking, to the beach, for a day at knockhatch & celebrated some family birthdays. 


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