Hugo At Five Months

Five months!! Although of course I’m late publishing this again and he’s nearer to six months now!! He’s changing so fast now and totally breaking my heart every time he hits a new milestone!

Weight – I fiiiinnally took him to be weighed. The last time I went he was 6.5 weeks! You can totally tell he’s a second child haha!! So at 5 months (22 weeks) Hugo weighs a whopping 18lbs & 4oz!! I dug out Bella’s red book to compare and she weighed 18lbs 15oz a couple of weeks before her first birthday! I’m not kidding when I say he’s a big boy 😉

Size – Still in size 3 nappies. I have already had to dig out the 6-9 month clothes too which I feel so sad about. I just feel like he didn’t get very much wear out of his 3-6 month clothes at all before they were getting too snug!

Feeding – Hugo is still exclusively breastfed. Slight progress on the bottle front. After seeing an advert on Facebook I bought a Minbie bottle that claimed it was the best bottle for breastfed babes! As soon as it arrived I whacked it in the steriliser and got the breast pump out. He surprisingly took an oz or two from it with little fuss. Normally he screams the place down as soon as a bottle is put near him. But he was surprisingly happy to try the Minbie one. So will persevere with it! Fingers crossed.

I have been thinking more and more about beginning to wean Hugo a few weeks early. He’s just so big and so hungry! The health visitor advised me to wait it out until Six months which I was surprised at, as the one I saw before had said he’d probably need to wean early as he was so big! I plan to do baby led weaning again so I think I will start him on some finger foods in the next week or so and just see how he gets on.

Routine – Wakes up around 7-7.30am, feeds, nappy change and dressed for the day, then downstairs into his bumbo normally while we have breakfast. Then it’s nursery run time and he’ll usually sleep in the car. Once we get home/ out he’ll then have a quick top up feed and is awake until his afternoon nap! He’ll then go down about 1.30ish after a big feed and sleep for 1.5-2 hours. Up again until bedtime at about 7ish.

Sleeping – Sleep at night has been HORRIFIC pretty much since the day he turned four months. I remember the four month sleep regression being hell with Bella too. Some nights he’s been waking up every hour and I am really struggling at the moment as I’m just so.damn.tired. He still goes down without a fuss and he isn’t wide awake in the middle of the night or anything. He’s just waking frequently and most of the time he wants to feed. Another reason I think he may be ready to start weaning?! Luckily he’s still napping well in the day.

Development – Hugo is officially rolling!! He did it for the first time two days before he turned five months. And he hasn’t stopped since! As soon as you lay him down he rolls straight over. He’s also pretty sturdy with sitting up too. Until he lunges for a toy and he loses his balance!

Still a complete dribble monster but no toothy pegs just yet! Overall Hugo is such a happy and content baby. He is so chilled compared to what Bella was like at this age.

Likes & Dislikes – Hugo likes rolling around on his play mat, sitting up in his bumbo to watch us eat, standing on your lap, watching the world go by from his big boy seat of his pushchair, being smothered in kisses, twinkly Christmas lights, bath time and daddy’s singing (surprisingly!). Dislikes sleep, bottles and supermarkets!

What we’ve been up to – It’s been a pretty busy month for us all! Hugo experienced both his first Halloween and fireworks displays. And we celebrated Bella’s fourth birthday!!

By the time Hugo turns Six months old we will have moved into our new home and will hopefully be feeling suitably festive!! I’ve been terrible at taking photos on my big camera lately and I still haven’t had my Olympus Pen fixed after it broke a month after I got it. But I know I’ll cherish these iPhone snaps all the same 😉 Although the gorgeous black and white was of course taken by my wonderful sister in law!


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