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Hugo At Six Months

Half a year already?! I feel like he is changing so much now, I can’t keep up! I’m really glad that I have been writing these monthly updates though, so I can look back at them in the future. And no doubt sob that I miss my teeny baby. Hugo’s sixth month was a busy one with his first holiday and we moved house! I’m super late sharing this but I did start writing it just after he turned six months in December.

Weight – I had Hugo weighed last week and at six and a half months he weighed 19lbs 6oz! Which is more than his big sister at a year! He is on the 75th centile for weight.

Size – Officially in size 4 nappies now and 6-9 months clothes. Although he is already fitting into some 9-12 month clothes already too!

Feeding – Still breastfeeding. Which is becoming pretty difficult sometimes. Hugo’s going through a phase of pinching and scratching whilst he’s feeding and its so painful!! I’m hoping it passes soon. The Minbie bottle I mentioned in my last post was a total fail. I tried multiple times with not much joy. Don’t get me wrong I love breastfeeding but I am getting pretty desperate for him to take a bottle. I did get him to take a couple of bottles of expressed milk last weekend which was in MAM bottles. I have tried a few times since and sometimes he will drink, other times he won’t. It’s all very much on his terms.

I waited until just before Hugo turned six months to start weaning him. And we’re a few weeks in now and sadly it just isn’t going very well. I started off by offering him fingers foods, just like I did with Bella. However he was extremely ‘gaggy’ to the point he just threw up every single time he put food into his mouth. I had a little google and it seemed that the general consensus was to try purees instead. So that’s what I did but I found he still gagged and threw up just as much with purees. Being spoon fed also made him extremely distressed and upset.

Over Christmas I stopped all together for a couple of weeks as Hugo was full of cold and throwing up a lot of mucus anyway so I didn’t want to distress him further. We started again in the new year and I have spoken to a health visitor since too. She advised to just keep offering him a mixture of purees and finger food daily and see how he goes. So this is where we are currently at. Hugo seems to prefer the baby led weaning approach, he likes picking food up and is very good at putting to his mouth and sucking it. He is still very ‘gaggy’ but isn’t throwing up as much now thankfully. I think he just has a super sensitive gag reflex!

Routine – Our routine has been all over the place lately as we went on holiday at the end of November, have moved house and then all the Christmas festivities. So I am still trying to get things back on track.

Hugo still usually wakes up around 7-7.30am has a feed, nappy change and then I take him down in his pjs for breakfast. After he has eaten (gagged a lot and thrown food to the dog) I then get him dressed for the day before we head out on the nursery run. He still usually sleeps in the car. We’ll either head home or out to see friends / to a baby group etc depending what our plans are. Then ideally he will have lunch, milk and an afternoon nap before picking Bella up at 4.30ish. It’s then back home for a play with big sissy, dinner, bath and in bed by 7-7.30ish.

Sleeping – Sleep is still rubbish sadly. A couple of weeks ago he was waking pretty much HOURLY. It was way worse than when he was a newborn. Sob. The last few nights have been sliiiiightly better. But hes still waking about three times on average.

Development – This boy does not stop MOVING. He is rolling, sitting, crawling backwards and just generally shuffling his way around the place. He gets up onto all fours and rocks back and fourth, whilst getting very cross that he can’t master moving forwards yet. I also watched him get himself back up to sitting from laying down a few days back. He is just so active and has definitely hit that ‘into absolutely everything’ stage. He is also really vocal and I love listening to his babble away.

Oh and finally after all the dribbling he has cut not one but TWO teeth.

Likes & Dislikes – Hugo loves his jumperoo, sitting up in his highchair, causing havoc rolling about on the floor, swimming, baby groups and pulling his sisters hair. Dislikes weaning, sleep and not being able to properly crawl…

What we’ve been up to – Since Hugo’s five month update we went on our first little holiday as a four to Center Parcs. We took Hugo swimming for the first time which he really enjoyed. He also celebrated his first Christmas and New Year which was so lovely despite him being full of cold. And last but not least, we also moved house! I was super sad to say goodbye to the house Hugo was born in. But I am looking forward to putting our mark on our new home and making lots of memories here too.












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