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Hugo At Two Months

This second month has flown by even faster than the first! I really feel like I’m starting to find my groove as a Mama of two now and things are starting to fall into more of a routine. Here’s how Hugo is getting on at Two Months old.

Weight – I last had Hugo weighed at about 7 weeks with the health visitor at home and he was 12lbs 15oz! He is currently following the 91st centile for weight. He’s feels so heavy already, how I’ll lug him about in a few months I don’t know!

Size – Last week I switched Hugo into size 3 nappies as I kept finding that the size 2 ones were leaking. The newborn clothes are now left redundant in a drawer as our chunky boy has outgrown them all. I can’t bring myself to pack them all away again just yet. I feel like they have only been out five minutes! As Hugo is our last baby I will probably just pass them all straight on to someone else. At the moment he is wearing all 0-3 but he is already filling his sleepsuits! He is HUGE. So I really need to start thinking about digging out the 3-6 month bits we have already, so I know what else I need to buy!

Feeding – I am still exclusively breastfeeding. I also used my electric breast pump a couple of weeks back for the first time and was stunned that I managed to pump a whole 5oz bottle in less than 10 minutes. Hugo’s Auntie Char gave him his first bottle and he straight away guzzled a couple of ozs with no fuss. Later that evening Josh fed him the rest! I think maybe I will pump a bottle or two a week purely so that Josh and Bella get the chance to give it to him. And to help Hugo get used to drinking from a bottle too.

Routine – Things are still fairly laid back during the day but we do now have an evening routine in place (albeit pretty basic!)

When Bella is getting her pyjamas on, we will get Hugo ready for bed too. This is usually about 6.45pm. I change his nappy and sleepsuit then pop him into his sleeping bag. Josh then reads Bella her bedtime story while I go into our room and feed Hugo. I shut the curtains and turn off all the lights so it’s quiet and calm. I will then breastfeed him for anything up to 30 minutes – this is definitely his longest feed of the day! Once he is finished I burp him and put him into his sleepyhead in his bedside crib. He is normally asleep by 8ish.

Sleeping – Once he is asleep for the night he will normally wake for a feed between 3.30 – 4am. Then go back down until about 6.30am which is when Josh is usually getting up for work and Bella comes into our bed for a cuddle. I then quickly feed him again and try to get him back to sleep while we all get ready for the day!

Development – Hugo is still dishing out ALL the smiles. His whole face lights up when he smiles and it literally melts my heart. He has also started doing the odd bit of cooing too which is adorable. This boy is desperately trying to find his thumb to suck too. He spends most of his time sucking his fists and I am sure he will his thumb soon. Just like his big sister did! We also had our check up with the Dr this week who was very happy with everything.

Likes & Dislikes – Hugo is happiest with his Mama or in the baby carrier. He absolutely loves being carried and it’s the best way to sooth him if he’s a bit fractious. Bath time is also much more successful now, Hugo loves kicking his legs and splashing away. Still hates getting out and getting dressed though!

What we’ve been up to – We have had a pretty busy month! We’ve spent lots of time with both friends and family over the last few weeks. Hugo has had his first trip to the park, we have been fruit picking, for a walk along the beach, visited both Scotney Castle & Sheffield Park. Josh and I also took him out for dinner which he pretty much just slept through and woke up just in time for dessert!

Harriet XO


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    Hugo is just adorable – those cheeks! You sound like you’re doing well as a mama of two x

    August 22, 2017 at 7:05 am Reply
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