Life Skills I Want To Teach My Children

In life, Josh and I seem to like to undertake as many tasks as we possibly can. Usually all at once too. Whether it be tackling the garden or hanging a shelf. We’re ALWAYS doing something. But I honestly believe that by having the life skills to do these tasks ourselves, it saves us a hell of a lot of money in the long run.

Which got me thinking about what life lessons I want to ensure that our children both have to help them out later in life. Taking in an array of life skills can go a long way, especially in this incredibly fast paced world we live in these days.

I suppose a life skill that is pretty crucial for almost anybody nowadays is some basic computer skills. You even sign in at my local doctors via a touch screen tablet now! I reckon that most people are more than happy to know what they need to in regards to computers, but knowing more than you need to can really save you a fortune. I’m super lucky that Josh is a total whizz with this kind of thing and can usually resolve any issues I have.

So it’s definitely worth getting clued up. You never know, once your confidence with computers has climbed, you may even take to building your next PC like Josh has done a few times! He says it is actually super straightforward, and you can get a much better spec piece of kit for a fraction of the price!

The most important life skill in my opinion, would have to be good kitchen skills. It totally blows my mind when a grown adult tells me they can’t cook. I’m fairly confident in the kitchen and believe that if you can follow a basic recipe then you can definitely cook! Kitchen skills are something that actually really aren’t that difficult to master. And practice makes perfect after all!

Bella loves helping out in the kitchen and is already fairly confident with chopping and preparing food. I’m hoping by the time both my babies leave home and start their own families they’ll have a whole host of meals they can confidently cook. I want them to know how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, how to host a family dinner party on a Sunday, how to make tasty fried chicken and even how to bake cakes too!

Josh would probably say that some basic DIY skills are an absolute must. Just things like how to rewire a plug, fix a leaking tap, put up some shelves etc. As if you’re calling in the help of a professional every five minutes for these kind of things that it can become very costly over the space of a year. And if in doubt, YouTube is your friend! I remember Josh watching so many DIY videos whilst we did our kitchen renovations! Even for things like ripping down and building walls.

And last but by no means least. Is some basic first aid skills. This one is essential but it seems to have fallen by the wayside for a lot of people. Having this very simple skill can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or somebody else.

Basic first aid is something that used to be taught in schools but now is barely touched upon. Although with the power of technology, we can even accomplish basic first aid knowledge free of charge on the internet thanks to good ol’ Google!

So there we have just a few of the life skills that I really hope I can teach my children as not only can they help you out probably every day but they will also save you a penny or two!

*Collaborative Post but all opinions are of course my own*


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