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Our Bedroom Makeover Ft Simba*

*Advertorial – This post contains an affiliate link*

When we first bought our house almost two years ago, we prioritised renovating the downstairs first. The bedrooms were totally liveable, just not to our taste. Eventually the time came to start decorating upstairs and we made sure the children’s bedrooms were done first and left us until last. But we have FINALLY done it and I am so pleased with how it turned out. Our bedroom is the middle sized room and at the back of the house. We went for a dark forest green on the walls in the end which I am totally obsessed with. We then accessorised with some neutral bits we already had and bought a new black mirror and some hooks too. 

We’ve kept most of our furniture from before apart from our bedside tables which are a new purchase. I really wanted this room to be a minimalist and calm space we could relax in. I’m one of those people who finds that my home really affects my mood. So for ages I felt like our bedroom wasn’t somewhere I wanted to spend much time in. 

Since we’ve decorated it, I am loving spending more time in there. I’ll often go and light a candle and read my book in there of an evening and it’s just such a tranquil adult space now. 

The one thing we were DESPERATELY in need of replacing was our mattress. We’d had our old one for almost 7 years I think and it was totally knackered. Most of the springs had gone and neither of us slept very well on it at all. We are now the proud owners of a Simba Hybrid mattress and OH WOW, it is a total game changer. My sister in law got one last year and raved about it and she was not kidding. Josh and I both agreed they we have never slept on a more comfortable mattress! 

I fall asleep pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow and wake up feeling so much more well rested. It does make getting up in the mornings that bit harder though, as it’s just too comfy! Obviously being comfortable is probably the main objective when it comes to mattress but the other thing I have been super impressed with, is the fact that Josh and I no longer disturb each other if we move around a lot. I used to wake up constantly if there was any movement in the bed but he can roll about as much as he pleases and I don’t even notice when he gets up for work at the crack of dawn either! 

I’ve also found that my body temperature when I’m sleeping is much more consistent too. I’m no longer boiling hot one minute and then freezing shortly after. Which inevitably all contributes to getting a better nights sleep. 

Simba have very kindly given me a discount code so you can get a whopping £75 off your first Simba Hybrid Mattress too by following this link here

*Simba very kindly gifted me our mattress but all words and opinions are of course my own*


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