Scandi Bathroom Inspo

Despite the fact we have decided to put our bathroom renovations on hold for now, I still can’t stop swooning over my dream bathroom on Pinterest or trawling online picking out different accessories. So I thought I’d share a bit of inspiration and the kind of things I would do if I had the money right now (spoiler; I don’t).

At the moment our family bathroom and toilet are separate so the first thing we’d do would be to knock the wall down between to make one bigger room. We would then probably block up both doorways and put a new door in centrally between the two previous ones. The ceiling would need ripping down and replacing too as our upstairs still has the gross tile affect ceiling that we are slowly trying to get rid of! There is also a large cupboard in our bathroom which used to have the boiler in. We would love to turn this into a walk in shower. And then of course the whole room would need plastering as there is some mould and it’s best to not just cover the mould with normal paint, although I think there are some specialist ones out there which do stop it coming back through. We’d no doubt need to get the plumbers in too as we’d be moving the toilet. This would then leave us with a nice blank canvas with a new shower space, two windows and one door.

Now when it comes to the actual bathroom suite, I am not looking to spend a fortune. Renovating a bathroom is a costly project, but I do think it’s worth baring in mind that even though a new bathroom will definitely add value to the property, that going big isn’t going to reflect one-to-one on the final value of the house. Which is why I don’t want to spend too much on it. I’ll save the all singing all dancing fancy bathroom for our forever home!

I’m always drawn to Scandinavian inspired interiors. I love the simple minimalist look paired with pops of brighter colours and lots of greenery. As our bathroom isn’t huge I think I would stick with a monochrome pallet mixed with natural woods and maybe bring in that pop of colour with towels and plenty of plants.

We would put a new bath in, a walk in shower, a vanity drawer unit with sink, new toilet and a slimline towel rail. Finished off with some shelves, baskets and a nice big round mirror. I also really want a tassel bathmat. It’s all in the little details I like to tell my husband!

For the bathroom suite I think we’d go for simple white, probably quite square in design. I would also love black taps! For the vanity unit I like the idea of finding an older piece of solid wood furniture and putting a freestanding sink and tap on the top. For the tiles I love metro, hexagonal and herringbone styles so I think I will struggle to choose when the time comes. We’d probably tile half the room and possibly have a colour painted above, or just go for white. I’d like to go for a fancy light fitting on a dimmer rather than spot lights, so that I can keep the lights low when having a relaxing bath.

Accessories wise I would have a large black round mirror, a belly basket for extra toilet rolls, some wooden shelves, a few hanging plants and lovely fluffy towels. Maybe even a nice print or two on the walls too. Oh and candles. No bathroom is complete without candles! So there we have it, some inspo for my dream Scandi inspired bathroom!

*Collaborative Post but all opinions are of course my own*


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