Summer Snaps

Oh hi, hello, remember me? Apologies for my radio silence over the past couple of months. It seems the summer holidays were much more full on than I anticipated! But after a well overdue blog refresh I’m feeling super excited about my little space on the internet again.

For so long I have felt a bit lost when it came to this blog and what direction I wanted to take it in. But then I realised that actually it’s okay to just post as and when I fancy it. And about whatever the hell I like! This is not my full time job after all. And as soon as I took that pressure off, I found myself itching to start writing and sharing again. So with that fire back in my belly, I went old school and took pen to paper to brainstorm some ideas. I now have a big ol’ list of posts I want to write over the next few weeks and I can’t wait to share them with you! So as always, thanks for sticking with me when I go quiet. I promise an abundance of posts are incoming V soon or at least when my children remember how to go to bed at a sensible hour!

So I thought I’d start with a little recap of our Summer. If I’m being totally honest, I was bloody dreading the bastard Summer holidays. I sat in my therapy session the week before school kicked out, having a minor meltdown to my therapist about how incredibly anxious I was feeling about juggling work and childcare for seven whole weeks.

It was unknown territory for us as Bella had always been at nursery before where they only had a week off over the summer. I made sure I was prepared with my holiday childcare planner stuck to the fridge, detailing who was looking after Bella on which days but I was still so full of dread about it all.

But despite my concerns, it really wasn’t that bad at all. Bella didn’t moan once about being shipped off to multiple different family members and friends over the seven weeks, in fact she had a bloody blast and got to do so much fun stuff. We also had some super lovely days together on my days off too.

It of course wasn’t all plain sailing and there were plenty of meltdowns from us all. But we survived (just about!) and made plenty of wonderful memories too!

The highlight for me was definitely our Glamping trip to Highermoor Farm in Dorset – I’m going to write a separate post on this because we had such a lovely break.

So here’s some of my favourite snaps from Summer 2019!


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