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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #2 | Nine Birthdays Together

    On Tuesday it was my husbands 22nd birthday. It’s the 9th birthday of his we have spent together. I have written him 9 birthdays cards. Bought him 9 years worth of birthday gifts and watched him blow out his birthday candles 9 times over. Almost a decade of birthdays, a wedding, a dog, a daughter, two house moves, four cars, eight holidays later and I still love him fiercely. Soppy, but true.

    Having a January birthday inevitably means that we never really do anything too fancy as the madness of Christmas has normally only just come to an end. This year we decided to both take the day off work and spend the day together just the two us and have a ‘date day out’ for the first time probably since we became parents. We’ve had plenty of ‘date nights’ but we thought it would be a nice change to do something in the daytime instead.

    After breakfast in bed and present opening we dropped Bella off to my Mum and off we went. We had originally planned to go and see a film at the cinema which is something we haven’t done together in years! Josh does occasionally go with his brother to watch the typical guy films (snore) but I can’t even remember the last time I went. Unfortunately Bella dropped my iPhone in the morning and it needed some urgent attention from the guys at Apple. So we decided we’d go to Bluewater instead for some lunch, some sales shopping and a very expensive trip to the Apple store.

    Despite our day not going as planned it was still so lovely to spend some quality alone time together and just be a couple rather than being parents. It meant we were able to enjoy an adult conversation over a lovely lunch in Bills without being interrupted by a hangry toddler and then a leisurely wander around all the shops. Of course, we both absolutely adore our family days out with Bella too, and we both missed her and said how strange it felt to be child free, but I do think it’s important to take time out occasionally just as a couple. Sometimes our life can get be crazy busy that we don’t get out for a date night/ day as often as we’d like to, but when we do, we appreciate that alone time so much more. We didn’t do anything particularly special today but it was special all the same because it’s not something we get to do very often anymore.

    Happy Birthday Mr Lee! I’m so grateful to have you by my side. Here’s to the next 9 birthdays together and many many more after that. xoxoxo


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    ‘Live Your Life & Forget Your Age’


    It was my birthday yesterday and I’d been thinking of blog post ideas over the past few days and I straight away came to the decision that I wouldn’t share my actual age. Why? Well, I’m not sure exactly, I think it’s because I sometimes feel I won’t be taken seriously and maybe I’d be labelled a ‘young mum’ and although it doesn’t bother me personally as I suppose technically that’s what I am and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but I just can’t be bothered to explain myself again. I know I shouldn’t have to justify myself to anyone but whenever the topic of my age comes up I just can’t help myself.

    But I decided that it was stupid to hide my age when actually it’s nothing to be ashamed of, If anything I’m actually very proud. So yes, I’m only 22, I’m happily married to my childhood sweetheart and have been for 2.5 years and together we have a two year old daughter. We both work hard and we lead a lovely lifestyle. It’s not always plain sailing but who’s life is?! I definitely don’t think my age has anything to do with that though.

    One of my favourite quotes is ‘Life your life and forget your age’  because after all it really is just a number.

    Here is Twenty Two things I love in celebration of my 22nd birthday!

    1. Being a Mama & a Wife. Best.Jobs.Ever.
    2. Black skinny jeans & ankle boots
    3. Fresh flowers
    4. Scented Candles
    5. Twinkly white fairy lights
    6. Bouncy blow dries! They instantly make me feel glam
    7. Open fires
    8. Hot chocolates – especially the festive ones with all the extra calories 😉
    9. Freshly painted nails
    10. Clean bedding
    11. Long hot showers
    12. Country walks with my favourites
    13. Pub lunches
    14. Girls nights
    15. New York City – I’m so desperate to go back
    16. Cocktails
    17. Mustard, as in the colour not the food (yukkk)
    18. Reading – I’d choose a good book over TV any day
    19. Cake.. Black Forest cake in particular – chocolate, cherry & cream is just the perfect combination
    20. Make up – I don’t leave the house without it & I love trying new products/looks out
    21. Entertaining & hosting parties – it’s always stressful but I really do love it 😉
    22. The Autumn & Winter months – mostly because I just love bonfire nights & Christmas time

    Thanks for reading,
    Harriet xo