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    A Capsule Wardrobe Fail & My Autumn Style Staples

    I have seen so much talk in the online world lately about capsule wardrobes and how ‘less is more’ when it comes to clothes. So I did some research on it and it was ticking all the boxes and quite frankly sounded like the answer to my regular wardrobe related melt downs. I loved the idea of only having items that I really LOVED hanging in my wardrobe. And how that would of course make choosing what to wear each morning a hell of a lot easier.

    So on Sunday evening I set myself the challenge to give my wardrobe a complete detox. I had planned to cull any items that I either didn’t love, didn’t fit anymore or were maybe just a bit too loved. In my head I was going to be left with a pinterest perfect minimalist capsule wardrobe.

    The reality was in fact, I had a bloody lot of clothes. And most of which I still quite liked and didn’t fancy getting rid of. I very quickly (like two bastard minutes in) realised that the capsule wardrobe life is not for me! I did however remove a huge bag full which I have let my sister have a look through and the rest will now be donated to charity. So that makes me feel a bit better about my failed capsule wardrobe situation.

    My wardrobe is still pretty full, but it’s much more organised now and therefore easier to see what I have in there. I was also hoping that by having a proper sort out of my clothes I might suddenly have a sort of light bulb moment and find my ‘personal style’. Spoiler; that definitely didn’t happen either. So that one is still a bit of a work in progress I suppose.

    I have however, vowed to push myself this season to just where what I bloody want to though. I so often will put an outfit together that I love but then chicken out at the last minute as I don’t have the confidence to wear it, convincing myself that I could never pull it off. Hopefully I can change that though and actually start wearing more of the clothes I already have hanging in my wardrobe!

    So I thought I’d share a little round up of my Autumn style staples. A few of the things I find myself reaching for every single Autumn along with a couple of new additions too. I will of course include links where I can!

    One – Black Trainers

    TwoBlush Oversized Cardigan

    ThreeMAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

    FourMustard Jumper

    FiveLeather Look Jacket

    SixDenim Skirt


    Eight Black Dungarees

    What are your Autumn wardrobe must haves?
    Harriet XO