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    THE ORDINARY MOMENTS ’16 #27 | ‘Amongst the wildflowers’

    It’s Sunday afternoon as I write this post. Bella and Josh are playing in the garden while I’ve spent the majority of the day feeling pretty useless sat on the sofa with my ankle propped up on some cushions as I took a bit of a tumble last night (Aka slipped on my arse in front of everyone!!!) at our staff BBQ after a few too many jager bombs! Oops. It’s safe to say that paired with a sliiiiighty fuzzy head it’s been a pretty quiet Sunday in our household. Apart from that this week has been fairly uneventful so I thought I’d share some more snaps from our recent fruit picking trip.

    We were making our way back to the car as we were about to leave when we spotted the most beautiful patch of wild flowers that I just couldn’t resist taking some photos of the girls in front of. Luckily they both humoured me and I managed to get plenty of super cute shots, I loved so many of them though that I struggled to choose just a couple to include in my last post so I decided that they needed their very own post instead. These photos sum these two up perfectly and I’ll definitely be framing a few of them!

    Bella was a week off of Two when Olivia came along and she has absolutely adored her from the very moment she first laid eyes on her. She’s fiercely protective of her and is forever smothering her with cuddles and kisses. She honestly just has so much love to give, it’s the sweetest thing ever and makes me so very proud of her.

    I’ve loved watching their relationship flourish over the last 9 months, I can already tell that they are going to get into plenty of mischief together in the future but hopefully they will continue to always be the best of friends!








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    London Adventures

    While Josh was away with work last week he ended up having an unexpected free day which happened to fall on a Sunday, so Bella and I hopped on a train and headed into the big smoke for a day of adventuring with Daddy.

    A year or so ago if someone had suggested that I travel into London by myself with a toddler and pushchair in tow my response would have been nothing short of ‘hell no’. I would have thought of every single reason under the sun not to go and made myself feel sick with nerves. But lately I’m been feeling much more confident, both in myself and my mothering abilities so I jumped at the chance of a day exploring the city in the sunshine with my two favourite people.

    Bella was an absolute delight all day long, she loved every single second of our little adventure and couldn’t have been better behaved. This definitely took me by surprise as lately she has been such a feisty little madam and the toddler tantrums have been in full flow. Terrible Twos are no joke people…

    We pretty much just spent the day wandering the city and soaking in the busy city vibes. Bella was super excited to spot big ben on our travels as she’s been learning all about the time at nursery, we also took her to see where the Queen lives and luckily got there just as the guards were changing! Then after lunch we headed to Regent Street to introduce Bella to the magic of Hamleys of course 😉 There was also a travel festival on that day so there was lots of old models of buses and London cabs which was pretty cool to have a nosy at too.

    It really was just a wonderful day, one of those days where you just forget about everything else and soak in every.single.moment. A day that you really don’t want to end, one that will be etched in your heart for a very long time. There was not a toddler tantrum in sight, just a whole lot of laughs. I definitely shed a couple of tears as we said our goodbyes to Josh at the train station and headed back home to Sussex for a week flying solo.










    I feel so grateful every day for my two loves, but even more so on days like this one. My heart really is so full.

    Harriet xo

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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #12 | New Shoes, Spring Blooms & A Trip To The Park

    Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the extremely sweet and thoughtful comments on my last Ordinary Moments post. I read every single one and I really do appreciate them all. Sadly my Dad’s eyesight hasn’t made much improvement as of yet but we are still holding out hope and he’s been booked in to have a procedure to try and clear the bleed a bit.

    I can’t quite believe that we are already 12 whole weeks into this year, wasn’t Christmas just last week? No? It feels like I just blinked and now Easter is upon us and we are now officially in Spring, although the weather clearly hasn’t got that memo yet 😉

    Last week was a funny one. There were highs and there were lows. Things are still pretty full on here but I think we’re all slowly adjusting. On Wednesday we popped into town to run some errands and Bella got some lovely new patent navy shoes and she has barely taken them off since. She’s utterly obsessed with them and kicks up such a fuss when we insist she takes them off at bedtime. We have to make sure we place them next to her bed so she can still see them… madness! Every morning without fail when we go into her bedroom to get her, she’s already put them back on. As crazy as it sounds, it’s also pretty cute. She insists on showing everyone we meet her new ‘special’ shoes as she likes to call them. Safe to say that she’s pleased with them 😉

    The best part of last week was probably booking our pre Christmas stay at Center Parcs. We’re heading to Woburn Forest just after my birthday in November when their Winter Wonderland event is on and I’m super excited for a little getaway before the madness of Christmas hits. I think a voucher for the spa will definitely be on my birthday wish list this year!

    We had a fairly quiet weekend getting odd jobs done at home. Josh gave the grass its first cut of the year (it did take a good four hours though!!). I filled the house with lots of spring blooms. Bright yellow daffodils and pastel tulips are my favourites. I even got chance to make mini egg rice crispy cakes which were demolished waaaay too quickly! Oops. I’m going to tweak the recipe slightly and then I’ll share it soon. My Mum informed me there was a shortage of mini eggs at her local Tesco so I sent Josh out to stock up as I am making two huge vanilla mini egg cheesecakes for over the Easter Weekend. It’s taking a lot of willpower to not scoff them all in the meantime 😉

    While Josh cracked on with cutting the grass, Bella and I headed to the park with my sister and niece for some fresh air. I’m really starting to crave the warmer weather now, I’ve always been an Autumn/Winter girl at heart but with having a toddler who wants to spend her life outside its made me desperate for Spring and sunshine so that we can spend more time outside exploring. I just want to dust off my sandals and be able to ditch our coats and feel the warm sun beating down on my skin. I can’t wait for BBQs, trips to the beach and lots of picnics at all our favourite spots this year. C’moooon Sunshine, we’re so ready for you!!











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