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    The Ordinary Moments ’16 #21 & #22 | Decorating, Holiday Prep & A Very First Hair Cut

    It’s Sunday evening and I think this is the first time I have opened my Macbook in almost ten days! I fully intended to publish last weeks Ordinary Moments on time but the last couple of weeks have ended up a bit chaotic as we finally decided to decorate our spare bedroom just two weeks before our holiday. Why we do these things to ourselves I’ll never really know!! Alas, that has meant for the last week most of our evenings have consisted of painting and furniture up cycling but it’s finally finished and it was totally worth all those late nights. I’ll be sharing a separate post on our spare bedroom make over in the next week or so including some before and after photos!

    As well as decorating we’ve been trying to get ready for our holiday to Greece which is now just six days away. I’m pretty sure all this washing and ironing might just be the end of me… But this time next week I’ll be relaxing in the sunshine with a cocktail in hand and not a care in the world and my god, it cannot come quick enough! One of my favourite parts about holidays is the obligatory pampering that happens beforehand. Any excuse for a new hair do and fresh nails right?! Josh and I both had our hair done yesterday and after 18 months I have finally ditched my ombre locks and gone for a more subtle and much darker balayage instead. My sister so kindly informed me afterwards that she wasn’t keen on it before anyway! Charming, eh? She has such a way with words 😉 Anyway, I’m super pleased with my new do although I totally wish I could curl it myself as nicely as my lovely hairdresser Hati does!

    Bella also recently had her very first trip to the salon for her first haircut! (Cue silent sobs from Mama over here) I finally decided that her wild curls needed some taming so I took her along to Hati for a little trim. I asked for so little off that you can hardly even tell she’s had it cut at all but it definitely does look much tidier! Bella was very excited as we walked through town to the salon chatting away to me about how she was getting her haircut ‘like Elsa’ (obvssss) but as soon as we stepped through the door she went quiet as a mouse! I think her nerves kicked in but she was still as good as gold and sat ever so still on my lap with absolutely no fuss. Obviously we had to celebrate her first haircut with a slice of cake and a milkshake afterwards to mark the occasion.

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I imagine the next few days will pass by in a blur of washing, packing and no doubt re packing at least half a dozen times before we jet off on Saturday 😉 As always, here’s a few of my favourite photos from the last two weeks.



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