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    A Capsule Wardrobe Fail & My Autumn Style Staples

    I have seen so much talk in the online world lately about capsule wardrobes and how ‘less is more’ when it comes to clothes. So I did some research on it and it was ticking all the boxes and quite frankly sounded like the answer to my regular wardrobe related melt downs. I loved the idea of only having items that I really LOVED hanging in my wardrobe. And how that would of course make choosing what to wear each morning a hell of a lot easier.

    So on Sunday evening I set myself the challenge to give my wardrobe a complete detox. I had planned to cull any items that I either didn’t love, didn’t fit anymore or were maybe just a bit too loved. In my head I was going to be left with a pinterest perfect minimalist capsule wardrobe.

    The reality was in fact, I had a bloody lot of clothes. And most of which I still quite liked and didn’t fancy getting rid of. I very quickly (like two bastard minutes in) realised that the capsule wardrobe life is not for me! I did however remove a huge bag full which I have let my sister have a look through and the rest will now be donated to charity. So that makes me feel a bit better about my failed capsule wardrobe situation.

    My wardrobe is still pretty full, but it’s much more organised now and therefore easier to see what I have in there. I was also hoping that by having a proper sort out of my clothes I might suddenly have a sort of light bulb moment and find my ‘personal style’. Spoiler; that definitely didn’t happen either. So that one is still a bit of a work in progress I suppose.

    I have however, vowed to push myself this season to just where what I bloody want to though. I so often will put an outfit together that I love but then chicken out at the last minute as I don’t have the confidence to wear it, convincing myself that I could never pull it off. Hopefully I can change that though and actually start wearing more of the clothes I already have hanging in my wardrobe!

    So I thought I’d share a little round up of my Autumn style staples. A few of the things I find myself reaching for every single Autumn along with a couple of new additions too. I will of course include links where I can!

    One – Black Trainers

    TwoBlush Oversized Cardigan

    ThreeMAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick

    FourMustard Jumper

    FiveLeather Look Jacket

    SixDenim Skirt


    Eight Black Dungarees

    What are your Autumn wardrobe must haves?
    Harriet XO

  • InBrand Collaborations, Mama

    ‘Winging Motherhood’ with Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats

    Now I don’t know about other Mamas, but I totally feel like I am just winging this whole Motherhood lark most of the time. Babies don’t come with a guidebook sadly so you do have to figure it all out yourself. Bella is almost three and I definitely don’t feel like any sort of expert when it comes to parenting. I am certainly not a perfect Mama by any means, but my daughter is happy… most of the time, she is a toddler after all 😉 So I can’t be doing that badly!

    This ‘Winging Motherhood’ sweatshirt from Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats is a perfect addition to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe as it’s super cosy and easy to just throw on with some jeans and converse for that effortless Mum on the run kinda look. I can definitely see myself spending a lot of time in this sweatshirt over the coming months!

    Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats was founded by the lovely Lisa and is named after her two children, Harlie and Teddy. Lisa started making these fun sweats after her husband told her she needed to get her own as she was always wearing his! Lisa presses all of the vinyls onto the sweatshirts herself so they are most definitely made with a whole lot of love. 10% from every single sweatshirt purchased is split and donated to Save the children and the NSPCC , both of which are close to Lisa’s heart. These charities do some absolutely amazing things to help children that are in need and I love that by shopping small with Harls & Ted you are not only supporting someones dream but also giving something back too!

    Over the next month Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats will be launching a whole new collection of ‘Motherhood’ sweats which will be available to purchase on ASOS Marketplace here. You can keep up to date with all of the new releases over on Instagram and Facebook.





    Harriet xo

    *Harls & Ted Comfy Sweats very kindly sent me the sweatshirt mentioned above for the purpose of this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are of course my own*

  • InBrand Collaborations, Mama

    Mama Style // Casual Sunday Strolls With Hotter Shoes

    The last few weekends have been pretty crazy over here so I was very much looking forward to taking things a bit slower this weekend. Josh had to work on Saturday so I spent the day with my Mother in law and niece which was lovely and Bella had so much fun with her cousin. Sunday was our first day off together with no plans in what feels like forever. We had a chilled morning at home lounging around in our PJ’s, enjoying bacon and egg bagels before heading out to Scotney Castle for a walk in the afternoon between the rain showers. The perfect type of Sunday that leaves you feeling content and refreshed ready for the madness to being again on Monday.

    My go to weekend look is always fairly casual and normally consists of a shirt or blouse, ripped jeans and some kind of flats. I recently picked up this blue pinstriped shirt which I absolutely loved as soon as I laid eyes on it, but even more so once I got it home and tried it on. It’s oversized which I love and it could easily be dressed up or down. It will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe over the coming Autumn months and I have even been back and bought it in white too as it’s such a versatile piece.

    For our relaxed Sunday stroll I paired my new shirt with my favourite distressed skinny jeans that I wear to absolute death, my trusty mac and my Hotter Shoes tan loafers that I got a few weeks back when I was invited along to a blogging event with Hotter Shoes to celebrate their new Maidstone branch opening. The event itself was lovely and relaxed, myself and some fellow bloggers got to learn a bit about the company itself while scoffing cakes and sipping bubbles before we each got to choose a pair of shoes to take away with us.

    If I’m completely honest at first I was slightly dubious about Hotter Shoes I had always just assumed that they only did styles aimed more at the older generation but after taking a look at their website beforehand I quickly changed my mind as there were a good handful of styles that I liked, especially these ‘Tara‘ ones!

    I chose a pair of the ‘Abbeyville‘ loafers in Tan although I must admit I was very tempted by the black and leopard print version too! I can honestly say that these shoes are the comfiest pair of shoes I have EVER owned. They are super lightweight and the lining has the most amazing cushioning. Hotter shoes offer half sizes as well as a wide variety of width fittings too to make sure that everyone gets the perfect fit. My new loafers fit like a dream which is so important for me as a busy Mama, they are smart enough to wear to work but stylish enough to pair with jeans at the weekend too!







    Thanks for reading,


    *Hotter Shoes kindly gifted me the shoes mentioned for the purpose of this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own*