The Ordinary Moments ’16 #13 | Our Easter Weekend

I love Easter. Almost as much as I love Christmas. I mean, two bank holidays, copious amounts of chocolate and big family get togethers. What’s not to love?! We had a very lovely and relaxing Easter Weekend which was wonderful considering we decided to start toilet training Bella on Good Friday, so I was expecting it to be suuuuuper stressful!

Good Friday ended up being a very productive day sorting out our garage and taking ALOT of stuff to the tip. We then went over to my in laws in the evening for the obligatory Good Friday Fish & Chips, which was totally deserved after surviving day one of toilet training 😉

I was up and out the house super early on Saturday as I took part in my first ever 5km park run! Eeee! I’d love to say it was a breeze, but it really wasn’t haha. Although it can’t have been thaaat bad as I’m planning to make it a regular thing 😉 While I was dragging myself around the 5km track burning my fish and chips off, Josh and Bella popped to the supermarket to get some last minute bits for the long weekend. On Saturday afternoon we had friends over for a little Easter afternoon tea, we don’t all get the chance to get together as often as we’d like now we are all leading such different lives, so it’s always so nice when we do get to catch up! Bella absolutely adores all her surrogate ‘Aunties’.

We kicked off our Easter Sunday with croissants for breakfast as a little treat and Bella spent some time playing with her bits and pieces from her Easter basket which she was SOOO excited about, it was the sweetest thing! We then hosted a roast dinner for my side of the family which was delicious. I made miniature mini egg cheesecakes and they were divine. I absolutely love entertaining but the aftermath in my kitchen, hmm not so much 😉

On Monday we headed to the in laws for roast lamb with all of Josh’s family, I think there was 16 of us in total! After lunch and more mini egg cheesecake, we had a little easter egg hunt in the garden for the kiddies which Bella really enjoyed. I remember her toddling around last year looking very confused by it all but this year she took it very seriously, especially as she realised there was chocolate and sweeties involved!

Celebrating holidays with little ones really is something special. Bella had the best few days with all our favourite people and didn’t stop smiling the whole time… Although I’m pretty sure she consumed enough chocolate to last her until next Easter though. So of course, that may have been why she was loving life so much 😉

My heart is pretty full right now and I feel so so lucky to have my little family. I’m excited to see what the next year holds for us, maybe this was our last Easter as a three?










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