The Ordinary Moments ’16 #25 | Slowing Down

Somehow I have got ridiculously behind with my Ordinary Moments posts so I think this should be something like #28 but in all honesty, I have completely lost track! So we’ll just take it from here, as I really don’t want to stop sharing these posts as when I do get chance, I really enjoy writing them!

These last couple of weeks have been crazy in our household (I’m sure I say this ALOT but our life is always pretty fast paced). Josh was away in London working at Hampton Court Flower Show for nine days and I joined him for the last three which meant Bella enjoyed a whole weekend of fun with her cousins. It was the longest Josh and I have been apart for years and the longest we have both been away from Bella. So life has been a bit all over the place lately and I can’t wait for some normality to resume, I have genuinely missed our usual fairly mundane routine! My poor blog has been neglected lately and I have so many unfinished blog posts sitting in my drafts folder and stacks of photos waiting to be uploaded so I’ll be working my way through these over the next couple of weeks. As well as catching up on all my favourite blogs too of course!

My plan for the coming weeks is to SLOW DOWN. I am craving some quiet days pottering about at home, I want to spend more time cooking at the weekends and I want to just really lap up and enjoy all those ordinary moments as a family of three. I’m conscious that I must stop cramming too much into my weeks and try to take things a little slower. Spending more quality time with Bella is my biggest priority right now. I’ve also been feeling super stressed lately so I need to try and make more time for unwinding, plenty of long baths and good books are definitely on the cards.

As I haven’t gone through all the photos off my big camera yet I thought I’d share a few of my favourite recent Instagram snaps which pretty much sum up life with Mrs Lee lately.

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