The Working Mum Juggle

As a mother, I of course want to support and protect my babies as much as I possibly can. Whether they are with me or not, I am pretty much always worrying about them. Asking myself is they’re having fun, wondering if they are both getting on okay, and worrying whether they miss me as much as I miss them. (Spoiler; probably not, they’re too busy having fun!)

The world is such a scary place and some days I do wish I could be with them all the time, holding their hand whenever they need me. But sadly this just isn’t realistic as Mama’s gotta go to work! I recently increased my hours at work and I’m now working four out of five week days. Which means I only get one day off during the week to spend with Hugo. I’ve been finding the adjustment pretty hard.

Mainly cos it’s just so bloody tiring. Because of course it isn’t just getting up and going to work then coming home again at the end of your working day. THOSE WERE THEY DAYS. It’s now getting myself, Bella and Hugo up, ready, fed and out the door by 8.15am each morning by myself as Josh leaves for work before anyone else is usually even up. It’s then juggling dropping off two children in two different places within twenty minutes before then getting myself to work on time by 9am. It’s then the same after I finish too. Throw in ballet once a week, homework, packed lunches, reply slips, party invites, sorting the dog out, housework, washing, cooking and BLOODY HELL IT’S EXHAUSTING. And that’s before any kind of socialising, exercise or me time. There are literally not enough hours in the day!

Something that is super important to me is being able to drop Bella off at school every day myself. Right from her first day at school I think I have done almost ALL of the morning drop offs. I am very lucky that my employers are pretty flexible and I’m able to start work later than everyone else to allow me to do this.

One of the things I have found to be invaluable since working more is being as organised as I possibly can. I do the majority of prep the night before. I make Hugo’s packed lunch, pack my work bag and lay out Bella’s uniform and my clothes for the next day.

My phone calendar is my SAVIOUR and I basically run my whole life from it. The notes app is also super handy for writing down things I need to remember to do. Other ones I use regularly are the Ocado and Sainsburys ones. I like to flit between the two but I just add things into my basket as and when we run out which makes food shopping much easier. I also recently signed up to an online pharmacy so I can manage my prescription from home rather that having to go into the doctors. It’s super easy to set up and you can reorder asthma inhalers, diabetes equipment along with all your regular medications too. Which is all really handy!

I’m very lucky to have wonderful In Laws who have the children overnight for us a few times a year so we can get a bit of couples time in too. But even then I have to make sure the children have everything they need before I even start packing for myself. The longest we have ever left them for is three nights when we went to Budapest last year and Sweden in January. Both times we made them a countdown to our return that Bells could tick off and thankfully both times that were absolutely fine. I did miss them but I’m always a much better parent after some time out!

Obviously I am not the only working mother out there. And many have more children and responsibilities than I do. But it’s hard. And it’s a juggle. And I’m not ashamed to admit that. I just try to tell myself that it IS worth it. It’s helping to instil a good work ethic into the children by them seeing the importance of Josh and I both working hard. And it means we can live a nice life now but also hopefully one day it’ll mean we can provide the children with a bit of a support buffer to fall back on when the time comes for them to navigate the big wide world by themselves.

*Collaborative Post but all opinions are of course my own*


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