Why Getting A Dog Was Our Best Decision This Year

I can hands down say that welcoming Murphy into our family in January was the best decision we have made this year.

I’m a strong believer that a dog makes a house a home and he really was the missing part to our family puzzle. I also think that having a pet is a great way to teach responsibility, especially in children. Having a dog in our lives again has been wonderful.

However, it is a HUGE commitment and not something that we rushed into. I knew right from the get go that I didn’t want a puppy. They are of course very cute but also there is a lot of hard work that comes with training a puppy. So we decided to look into getting a slightly older dog that was already house trained.

We got super lucky with Murphy as he was only just a year old when we got him and was fully house trained. He’d also been to puppy classes and was crate trained too. There are so many different breeds of dog that we considered but we’d both always loved Cockapoos. And the fact that he is just so incredibly cute meant we basically fell in love with him before we’d even met him!!

Ten months in and he has slotted into our family perfectly. I’m pretty sure he is the soppiest dog ever. He’s happiest when around people, other dogs or running outside. He loves a cuddle and will happily be picked up and cradled like a baby. Which Josh does regularly with him. The children adore him and Murph loves them right back. They love to feed him his breakfast and dinner which is actually very helpful and goes back to teaching them all about the responsibility that comes with having a pet.

One of the things I think I love most is that it has got us outside so much more. Family dog walks at the weekends are one of my favourite things. Fresh air really does do wonders for my mental health. If I ever feel like I need to clear my head, Murph and I will head outside for a walk and I always come home feeling so much better for it.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since we brought Murphy home. I’m looking forward to his first Christmas with us and totally intend to do him his own stocking. I’ve already been browsing online pet shops for ideas like a crazy person! Although I am slightly nervous that he may pull down the Christmas tree and eat all my nice baubles. Eeeek!

*Collaborative Post but all opinions are of course my own*


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